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 Customer Order Process

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Order details and payment gets submitted

via emails to:

1- Order payment and billing details goes to            dealer (you) for processing.

2- Watch details and shipping 
     information to Promowatch for procesing.

* Dealer (you) must submit payment to Promowatch for timely processing.

Customer Selects frame design and color combination in this page.

Initials go in the watch

In this page, the customer inputs his initials.

Selects the Initials color, font style and size.

Final text adjustments like; spacing and alignment are available in order to create that perfect design.

* Customer submits order

This is the way a customer will place

their orders in our affiliate program.

Customer Selects background design and color combination in this page.

Customer selects watch in which he will

create his unique monogram design watch.